Red Pipe Cafe, New York City Favorite Organic Coffee House

Red Pipe Cafe Forest Hills NYC

One night about 1-1/2 ago, my sister and I was shopping around Austin St, Forest Hills, Queens and stumbled across a new organic coffee shop, Red Pipe Cafe at 71-60 Austin St, NY 11375. We felt in love with our cozy cafe ever since. Aside of a great selection of organic beverages and vegetarian vegan food (my favorite is Austin Portabella Sandwich), the cafe has a free wi-fi.

Recently I had a chance to interview Giorgi Tabagari,  one of Red Pipe Cafe owners. 

Red Pipe Cafe
Red Pipe Cafe

Me: What made you decide to open coffee shop in Forest Hills?
GT: We lived in Forest Hills for most of our lives. There are amazing Cafes all over NYC. I feel like Forest Hills is an amazing area but it’s in the shadows. It deserves a fine coffee house. Naturally we love coffee, so it was a perfect combination in available space with a thirst for fine coffee.

Me: Do you roast your own coffee?
GT: We use Counture Culture Coffee. We personally select all the Organic blends that they carry . Aside from amazing coffee , their company offers us an amazing support system. From staff training to equipment malfunction assistance. I am proud to call all of the Counture Culture team more then just business associates , they are life long friends now and fellow coffee enthusiasts.

Me: I saw Japanese coffee maker on your counter. How does it work?
GT: Our cold brew drip system, consists of using ice water in a slow dripping process, which sometimes takes up to 12 hours. It creates coffee like no other . There is approximately 70% less acid in the coffees finished product, compared to regular brewing methods. Aside from that it creates a really smooth caffeine feeling that lasts for quite some time, personally it’s one of my favorite brewing methods for coffee.

Me: Do you brew all the coffee with it?
GT: We have several other brewing Methods. The traditional hot drip coffee , and our Esspresso bar that allowes us to make many varieties of drinks using different proportions of perfectly silky steamed organic milk. We have all decafinated options as well , along with flavor syrups and non dairy milk available.

Me: What differentiate your coffee shop from others in the area?
GT: We are unique in many ways when it comes to making fine coffee and using exact proportions for the perfect cup of coffee but we love to resonate to the community in other ways also. Our live music and art exhibition unveilings are a real treat. We constantly have a great selection of mucisians and artist displaying their great sounds and appealing artwork.

Me: How can the artists and mucisians to display their talents in Red Pipe Cafe?
To display any art or arrange music events please contact my partner Rene Alkalay 718.544.5997