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Organic Body Butter Giveaway January 14 2016

Winter is here!!!!! I’m giving away 1 organic body butter to help you with the dry winter skin. One lucky winner will be able to choose 1 of the 4 fragrances that we have. US residents, click the link below to enter your chance to win. Continue Reading

The Ultimate Cure to Dry Winter Skin December 17 2015

As temperature become colder and humidity goes down, your skin is usually the victim, particularly if you have ever been left asking yourself “why is my skin so dry” during winter. As a result of the wintry weather worsened by fireplaces, space heaters and central heating that people counteract the freezing surroundings with, lots of people end up witch itching, scaly and dry skin that gets worse as the temperatures go down, even those who do not have any skin disease such as eczema. This skin irritation or winter itch comes about as the skin loses its moisture. The good news is there are natural ultimate dry winter skin treatments you can use any time. Here are a number of natural options. Continue Reading