The Cinnamon Snail @ Pennsy

Cinnamon Snail

I've been always wanted to try The Cinnamon Snail, a food truck offering vegan organic food. I heard the food is delicious, even the meat lover would love it. When I worked at Tribeca, the truck was always had long lines and parked in area that were impossible for me to go during lunch hour. And, when I heard they closed their business...I said myself OH NO, I would never try this vendor.

Few weeks after I started my new job (my analytical job) in Herald Square area, one of my coworkers told me there's a new food court next to Madison Square Garden called Pennsy, which is located only a few blocks from my office. And guess who one of the food vendors is? THE CINNAMON SNAIL!!!

I went there and I was surprised Pensy is not a typical food court I've seen. It's clean, bright, has high ceilings, and it even has staffs who greet and clean tables (a staff asked me if I was done with food and threw the food container).

There wasn't a long line (probably because I went there at 2:30 pm). The Cinnamon Snail has a good selection of pastries but I didn't order any of them because I was so hungry and I can't think straight when I'm hungry. Nobody say no to sweets.

Anyway... I tried their Lemongrass 5 Spice Seitan served with curried cashews, aragula, Sichuan chili sauce and wasabi mayonnaise on chili butter grilled tortila. Yum.. the seitan was rich of flavors. With the bitterness of aragula, the crunchiness of the cashew, and the spiciness of all the chili... it's a perfect dish. There a small caution tho, the wasabi mayonnaise might not mixed evenly so beware of wasabi nose tingling burn. Since this dish is open face tortilla dish, it is best to eat it using your fingers.

I tried the Korean BBQ Seitan. My opinion... skip it. You can get better Korean dishes at K-town which is only a walking distance from Pennsy.

Beside the regular menu (they also have tempeh), they also have weekly special.