The Ultimate Cure to Dry Winter Skin

 The ultimate Cure for Dry Winter Skin

As temperatures become colder and humidity goes down, your skin is usually the victim, particularly if you have ever been left asking yourself “why is my skin so dry” during winter. As a result of the wintry weather worsened by fireplaces, space heaters and central heating that people counteract the freezing surroundings with, lots of people end up witch itching, scaly and dry skin that gets worse as the temperatures go down, even those who do not have any skin disease such as eczema. This skin irritation or winter itch comes about as the skin loses its moisture. The good news is there are natural ultimate dry winter skin treatments you can use any time. Here are a number of natural options.

Olive oil

Clearly you have met this oil before and if you haven’t it’s amazingly used in so many areas. Dabbing it on your skin instantly works on dry cuticles, conditions and soothes dry winter skin across the body and also removes makeup. Apply it on your elbows and hands as well for instant wonders. If the skin appears or feels extremely parched add a little olive oil, especially below your favorite moisturizer to add some great fatty acids and antioxidants in the mix.

How is your humidifier?

With most fireplaces and other heating systems releasing hot air in the atmosphere, your winter skin will continue itching and drying. Get a humidifier that will disperse additional moisture in the surroundings and your skin will be the chief beneficiary.

Avoid taking a bath with hot water

Those who use super hot water to take a bath during colder months will always find their skin itching and dry more than ever. Colder showers have been found to be very beneficial in many respects, from enhancing circulation, skin and hair refining, managing stress and even stimulating loss of extra weight.

Extra softness and moisture with choice oils

If you can find some Marula drunk elephant oil or the earthly miracle body oil add some to the body or facial lotion you use daily and see the appearance, texture and overall quality of the skin improving rapidly.

Rubber gloves and dishes

Invest in a good pair of rubber gloves to use while cleaning your dishes. As already mentioned hot water and winter weather are not really buddies even in winter and could end up drying your hands even more.

Drink more clean water

Drinking more water might not have a direct effect on your skin but if you take alcohol and caffeine dehydration will occur, affecting your skin. As such, drink up a minimum of 2 liters daily to remain hydrated and reap lots of other benefits.

Use some sweeteners

Those with cracked and chapped lips during winter and beyond will find sweetener such as sugar and maple syrup as some of the most inexpensive cures they can access from the kitchen. Applying some of these unique products at night can lead to the smoothest lips in the morning.

While there are many other ways of dealing with a winter dry skin, applying these methods should help you enjoy the amazing perks that come with winter, from winter sports to holidays with a healthy, well hydrated skin.