Why Are Some Essential Oils More Expensive Than Others?

Why Are Some Essential Oils More Expensive Than Others?

One of the reasons why some essential oils are expensive than others is due to the cost and complicated production processes. For instance, Rose Bulgaria creates the best rose oil globally yet for one ounce of rose oil, rose petals of about 600 pounds have to be collected, not forgetting that the flowers must be delicately hand-picked, cultivated and carefully pruned. Also, just to produce a single ounce of the finest jasmine, one experienced picker must labor for over 20 days.

The rarity of the plant, the region where the source is grown or the difficult conditions of growing a certain plant makes that essential oil very expensive than another.

A while ago, a customer asked us if we have sandalwood soap. She left after we explained to her that the soap that she bought was not made with essential oil especially when it was priced around $4.

For comparison, the retail price for Young Living's  5 ml Hawaiian sandalwood essential oil is $124.67 and 15 ml lavender essential oils is $30.92 (equivalent to $10.31 for 5 ml).

The reason Sandalwood essential oils is expensive because the source is becoming more scare due to high demand and tree maturity to get high quality oils. Commercially, Australian Sandalwood tree is harvested at minimum age of 15 years.