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Dead Sea Salt Scrub

$ 28.00

Melati has officially launched our first Dead Sea Scrub in one of our most popular scents, Lavender Fields. The scent is reminiscent of summer in the French countryside, bursting with the scent of lavender fields. The scent is calming and brings another level of relaxation to your winter routine. Other than the incredible scent, our product is vegan-friendly as well as travel friendly.  

This product is shaped into small balls/scoops, which makes it perfect to pop in your travel bag as you go to visit family or friends. It’s sure to provide you with a relaxing break during this hectic season.  

It’s simple to use as well. Bring one to two of the balls/scoops into the shower with you and dampen them slightly. This allows the product to loosen up and once the product is broken up, scrub it all over wet skin, don’t forget to soak in the scent. Finally, once you’ve scrubbed your body, rinse off the product. This should leave your skin smooth and refreshed. Everyone could use a little pampering during this season, treat yourself to this luscious scrub or send it to a friend or any family member that needs a little more pampering this season.  

We are incredibly proud of our product because it is made with all natural, wholesome ingredients. It is also 100% vegan and cruelty–free.

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